Hard Boiled Eggs in the Instant Pot

Hard boiled eggs have become a staple at our house. We cook a batch at least once a week. The Instant Pot makes it super easy to get eggs the way we like them that peel beautifully (most of the time! eggs are sometimes just difficult).


  1. Add 1 cup water to the liner pot (1.5 cups if you are using an 8 quart pot).
  2. Place something in the pot for your eggs to sit on. I use an egg rack because once in a while one will crack and make a mess — it’s easier to deal with it if the mess doesn’t touch the other eggs. You can just as easily use the trivet that came with your pot or a steamer basket.
  3. Place the eggs.
  4. Set the cook time. I use 3 minutes. A lot of people use 5, but you’re more likely to get the green ring around the yolk and I don’t care for that.
  5. Cook for your set cook time.
  6. Natural pressure release for 5 minutes.
  7. Release the rest of the pressure.
  8. Use tongs to remove the eggs and place them in an ice water bath.
  9. Let the eggs sit in the ice water for at least 5 minutes.

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