22 Days

In an effort to get myself motivated, I signed up for the Dogwood Pedal’s 25 mile route. I drove the route and I wasn’t just motivated, I was terrified! Some of these hills are HUGE.

As soon as it got warm enough, I started riding. And Sunday I’m going to ride in 46℉, windy weather. I’ll be wearing layers! Thank goodness for fleece-lined leggings.

There is a cooking / food / keto part of this whole thing. Protein! Chiefly salmon, chicken, and some shrimp. I hope I’m building some lean muscle.

I signed up for the Dogwood Pedal with three wonderful friends. We are the Sloth Cycling Team and we’ll get there when we get there! Even if I have to walk my bike up those great big hills. I’ve got 22 more days to get ready — wish me luck!

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