The Great Cycling Challenge

A while back I posted about how my cooking time had been eaten up with bike riding — specifically, getting ready for the Dogwood Pedal. I thought I would get back to cooking, but then I signed up for the Great Cycling Challenge.

Initially, I set my fundraising goal at $500 and my ride goal at 200 miles. With amazing support from my friends and family, I met my fundraising goal before the ride started. So I upped it to $1,500 and promised that if I met that, I would add 50 miles to my ride goal. Three weeks into June, my friends put me over that goal! With a week left to go, I had 90 miles to ride. On June 30, I met my goal.

My sweetie went with me on the last ride and we celebrated with a Fancy Breakfast (that was not entirely keto).

I can’t wait to do this again next year! I’m so hopeful that the money raised will fund good science and we’ll see more treatments for childhood cancer.

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