Breakfast: First Try

First off, can I even say we’re camping if I packed an air fryer? I’ve never claimed to be roughing it, but this just feels too easy.

Here’s my kitchen inside the camper during frittata prep:

And here’s the griddle with Paul’s wind block:

It was a beautiful morning, but we had a really stiff breeze. That caused some trouble cooking bacon on the griddle. The center of it tends to be hot, but the breeze made the temperature difference worse by cooling the edges more than usual. We have some strong feelings about bacon, so this was a little disappointing but we managed (and ate every bit of it).

Speaking of disappointment: I really like when the tomatoes get nice and caramelized, but these were burnt.

Not bad enough that we didn’t clean our plates, of course.

I’m bad about finding a happy rut and staying there. We’ll make all of this again tomorrow if the weather allows.

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